Application Cases Of LEDFUL Transparent Glass Led Display


Application Cases Of LEDFUL Transparent Glass Led Display

Publish Time : Sep 27 2020

With the development of economy, it is quite common to install LED displays in shopping malls. The LED displays in shopping malls are generally used for brand publicity, product promotion, the creation of good shopping environment and the mobilization of atmosphere. The emergence of the new advertising media tools, transparent LED display/screen, provides more options for shopping malls, making them look transparent, cool, and fashionable with a full sense of technology.

Generally speaking, the weight of conventional LED display in shopping malls is above 30kg/m3, and this kind of LED display has a high load-bearing requirement on the original building structure. Thus, large-scale steel frame structures are required in the construction, which is time-consuming and laborious. Moreover, due to the optical opacity, conventional LED displays are dark pieces of screens when they are not lit up after installation, which will affect the appearance of shopping malls, and they block the sunlight and sight, affecting daylighting. On the contrary, transparent LED screen is light and beautiful, which has relatively low requirements on the load bearing of buildings. Without lighting, it will not affect the appearance of the building. The high transparency ensures the lighting requirements of the lighting structures such as floors, glass facades and windows in shopping malls. Meanwhile, transparent LED display has good heat dissipation and is convenient for installation and maintenance. When designing the advertisement content, unnecessary background color can be removed and replaced with black, then only the content they want to show need to be displayed.So the appropriate part does not emit light during advertising, which is a transparent effect. This displaying method greatly reduces light pollution and energy consumption, which saves more than 30% energy compared with conventional LED displays.


The glass screen wall serves as a modern fashionable architectural decoration, which decorates the city and makes the city more beautiful. The glass wall LED display used with the glass screen wall is favored by the market. The glass wall LED display stands out from many display products for its excellent performance of high transparency, invisible installation and green energy saving. Thus, how to make glass wall LED display achieve better display effect?

1. Standardized glass design

Glass is the important carrier for the installation of transparent LED display, whose size and shape directly affect the display effect of the glass wall LED display. When installing the display on irregular and peculiar glass, not only does the screen body need to be customized with high difficulty, but also the cost is high. When designing the glass walls of shops and buildings, owners should try to use the glass of uniform size and reduce the use of special shapes so as to reduce the difficulty in installing transparent glass wall LED displays, and further improve the transparency, making the screen display more transparent and beautiful.

2. Choose the right definition

Definition is what the industry calls resolution. The definition of transparent glass LED display is mainly affected by its screen area and pixel spacing. The larger the screen area is, the smaller the pixel spacing is, and the higher the definition is. Owners can choose the appropriate definition to achieve economic and applicable effects according to the actual audience scope and viewing distance of the advertisement.

3. Adjust the brightness

Although the transparent glass wall LED display plays advertising information externally, it is essentially a kind of indoor LED display installed in the indoor environment. Since outdoor advertisements require high brightness during the day and low brightness in the evening, it is necessary to adjust the brightness at this time.

But, why is it shown in the form of glass screen wall with transparent LED display video? In the daytime, whether it is a retail store or a building, the glass screen wall shows its international appearance with the sense of fashion and technology. Compared with other architectural appearances, the display of this kind of glass screen wall is more commercial. The combination of LED industry and night-time economy is becoming closer, and city centers and business centers around the world have become new popular places of cities. With the rapid development of the current commercial age, transparent glass LED displays have become the core factor in industry competition.

In order to meet the customers' requirements of a variety of creative displays, Shenzhen LEDFUL Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. can provide customization service according to different installation environments and applications. Therefore, all kinds of light and thin transparent glass LED displays with easy installation, energy conservation and water resistance emerge at the right moment, which are suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor environments including large shopping centers, sales departments, atriums of headquarters, exhibition activities and television stations, providing users a gorgeous visual feast.

Now, transparent glass LED displays have a very high perspective rate, which ensures not only the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures such as those between floors, glass facades and windows, but also the original daylighting and perspective function of glass walls. And they do not take up space, and the light display screens can be directly pasted on glass walls without changing the building structure. Moreover, their functions are more powerful than traditional LED displays. Transparent glass LED displays are integrated with buildings in the daytime, and in the evening, they can play videos, pictures, texts and other contents just like traditional LED displays, and the oversized display achieves a more shocking effect.

In addition, glass transparent LED screen video saves a lot of installation and maintenance costs because they don't need steel framed structure. The indoor installation and maintenance is extremely simple and convenient. Moreover, transparent glass LED display can achieve a unique display effect, for the display background is transparent, so it can make the advertising pictures appear as if they are floating on the glass screen wall, which has the characteristics of good advertisement effect and artistic effect, and it provides customers with a lot of applications in glass screen wall buildings, airports, hotels, shopping malls, stages, all kinds of vitrines, etc.

From the perspective of the market, the customization of transparent glass LED displays is becoming popular, so the technical requirements are higher and the products are required to be more stable. However, few enterprises can achieve customization. As one of the few enterprises that can achieve customization, Shenzhen LEDFUL Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development of unique LED transparent displays in the face of growing market demands, striving to achieve technology popularization and mass production. Welcome to negotiate with us for cooperation.