P3  cable free connection LED display background LED TV plane LED screen
P3  cable free connection LED display background LED TV plane LED screen
P3  cable free connection LED display background LED TV plane LED screen
P3  cable free connection LED display background LED TV plane LED screen
P3  cable free connection LED display background LED TV plane LED screen
P3  cable free connection LED display background LED TV plane LED screen
P3  cable free connection LED display background LED TV plane LED screen

P3 cable free connection LED display background LED TV plane LED screen

USD499.00 -USD529.00
  • Delivery:
  • Minimum order quantity:2
  • Supply Ability:2000 / Month
  • Country of Origin:YANTIAN,SHEKOU
  • Categories: IF Series

    Product Description

    • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
    • Application:indoor advertising
    • Color:fullcolor
    • Panel Size:960*960mm
    • Pixel Pitch:3mm
    • Model Number:IF3
    • Brand Name:LEDFUL
    • Usage:Indoor
    • Tube Chip Color:FULL COLOR
    • Display Function:Video
    • Application:Indoor Advertising
    • Certificate:CE ROHS FCC
    • Brightness:1500nits
    • Color:Full-color
    • Module size:192mm*192mm
    • Pixel pitch:3mm
    • Pixel density:111111dots/m2
    Product Description
    IF Series
    Pixel Pitch(mm)
    Pixel Matrix Per Sq.m
    Pixel Configuration
    Brightness (nits)
    Cabinet Resolution
    Module Dimension
    192x192mm / 0.63x0.63feet
    Cabinet Weight
    11kg /24Ib (Iron)
    Cabinet Dimension
    576x576x100mm / 1.89x1.89x0.33feet
    Service Access
    Refresh Rate (HZ)
    Grey Scale (bit)
    Viewing Angle (H/V)
    160 / 160
    Power Con. (Max / Avg)
    550 / 138 w/sq.m
    IP Rate
    Input Voltage (AC)
    110 / 240

    Front Maintenance LED Screen In Hotel

    Product Model: IF3
    Pitch: 3mm
    Size: 16.59sqm
    Location: China

    Australia HD Store Advertising Display

    Product Model: IF3
    Size: 4sqm x8pcs
    Location: Australia

    IF3 is one of the most popular model widely used for Indoor fixed installation display application, specially for close distance requirements.
    The IF series model, pixel pitch from 2.5mm to 6mm. focus on indoor fine pitch market with more features as the below.
    Black SMD LED makes perfect
    Front maintenance & Front installation
    Wifi, 4G, cloud, usb, remote control
    Thin, light weight, easy installation
    Low brightness with High grayscale operation

    IF Series More Features & More Advantages
    Excellent heat dissipation and noiselessness
    High-performance metal plate cabinet design
    Macro molecular flexible mask with glare-less surface on LED modules
    High definition and could be adjusted with various pixel pitch, so it can meet the request of the clients according different application environments.

    Best equality, commendably solve the problem of the mosaic, have the excellent consistency of light to make LED display great performance. 

    Our Company

    Professional, High Efficient and Caring

    One-stop solution provider
    More designs and more solutionsWireless control, 4G, Wifi, Cluster control
    Truss hanging, stacking, touring, LED ceiling, video floorIrregular shaped, flex, curved, round, sphere, cubic, customizedFocus on the improvement and innovation of rental LED cabinetsHigh efficient and enthusiastic team to make reliable LED display 
    Our partners are Media Companies, Stage Designer, Project Manager,Pro Audio, Light and Video companies, AV Rental Equipment companies, 
    Advertising Companies, Entertainment, Show, Event, Rental Cooperation, etc.

    1.Indoor with short viewing distance to get amazing
    vision effect same like watching TV. High refreshrate,high gray scale and high definition createsvivid colors.

    2.Front magnet with easy and convenient maintenance
    to save space and cost.

    Packing & Delivery

    How To Play The TVs On LED Display Panel?

    LED Display has the Features of High Definition, High Brightness and Long Viewing Distance. It can play the videos clearly with a widely viewing scope. Sometimes, many customers want to show the TVs for live sports and news on the LED Display Screen. This article will show you how to play the TVs by LED Display Panel.
    1.We need to prepare a TV Box or TV Card. if you have the TV Card, you can install it in the controlling computer, and play it by the led control system.
    2.For the TV Box, we need a led video processor, the video controller can transfer the TV Signal to the DVI signal, and trasmite DVI signal to led sending card.
    3.After we have DVI signal,we can play the TVs on the led display screen.it seems that is easy to control, right? So let us get start to show your TVs on the led display to enjoy the high definition videos.

    Advantage Of LED Panel

    Comparing with traditional static publicity in printed large advertisement, LED panel have the following advantages:
    1.The advertising on the LED panel is dynamic and constantly changing, so the audience would not feel boring when they watch the advertising programme. People would like to stay longer time to watch the vivid color and beautiful image. In this way, certainly they will be greatly impressed.This is a good product promotion chance.
    2.The great convenience of programme and edit. During an advertising campaign, it is possible to correct and change instantly information.
    3.Though the advertising function of LED panel is great, the price is not high nowadays. And for the advertisers, the cost of advertising on LED screens is almost the same with traditional advertising billboards, and lower than TV and radio media.
    4.The advertising on the LED panel is quiet and would not cause the boredom of the audience. Not like TV and radio advertising, the advertising on the LED display is not in street, stadium and such public place.
    5.The owners of the LED panel rent the equipment and calculated with time. And it is the stable income of them.
    6.For big companies,banks, publishing houses, casinos, hotels, entertainment complexes, the LED panel attracts the interest in the promotion of their goods and services, and attract new customers to their offices. Also, if they sell the advertising space on theLED display, it is a doubtless plus for the business.
    7.Therefore, led display panel is the trend of indoor and outdoor advertising media development.
    Why not a better choice for your advertising/promotion purpose? 

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